Exchange Server 2013 UM Language Packs

by Arman Obosyan 17. October 2012 08:42

These downloads contain pre-recorded prompts, grammar files, text to speech data, Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) files, and Voice Mail Preview capabilities for a specific language that is supported by Exchange 2013 Unified Messaging (UM). Warning: This UM language pack must only be installed as an add-in to Exchange Server 2013 Unified Messaging on an Exchange 2013 Mailbox server.

Unified Messaging (UM) language packs allow an Exchange Server 2013 Mailbox server running the Microsoft Exchange Unified Messaging service to speak additional languages to callers and recognize other languages when callers use ASR or when voice messages are transcribed. UM language packs contain:

  • Pre-recorded prompts, for example "After the tone, please record your message. When you’ve finished recording, hang up, or press the # key for more options." in the language of the UM language pack.
  • Grammar files that are used by a Mailbox server to lookup the names of given users in the directory in the language of the UM language pack.
  • Text to Speech (TTS) translation so that content (e-mail, calendar, contact information, etc.) can be read to callers in the language of the UM language pack.
  • Support for Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR), which allows callers to interact with UM using the voice user interface (VUI) in the language of the UM language pack.
  • Support for Voice Mail Preview which allows users to read the transcript of voice mail messages in a specific language from within a supported e-mail client such as Outlook or Outlook Web App. 90.1 MB
UMLanguagePack.da-DK.msi 68.6 MB 88.1 MB
UMLanguagePack.en-AU.msi 65.0 MB
UMLanguagePack.en-CA.msi 71.0 MB
UMLanguagePack.en-GB.msi 71.8 MB
UMLanguagePack.en-IN.msi 82.3 MB
UMLanguagePack.en-US.msi 66.5 MB 81.6 MB 92.5 MB 83.4 MB 71.5 MB 69.6 MB 84.3 MB
UMLanguagePack.ja-JP.msi 79.6 MB
UMLanguagePack.ko-KR.msi 75.5 MB
UMLanguagePack.nb-NO.msi 72.5 MB 74.8 MB 82.2 MB 92.2 MB 84.1 MB 87.5 MB 66.3 MB
UMLanguagePack.zh-CN.msi 88.4 MB
UMLanguagePack.zh-HK.msi 83.1 MB
UMLanguagePack.zh-TW.msi 82.4 MB

Version: 15.00.0516.032
Date published: 10/15/2012

Download Exchange Server 2013 UM Language Packs

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Giorgi Jambazishvili
Giorgi Jambazishvili Georgia
10/17/2012 10:37:35 AM #

მანდ GE გაჩნდებოდეს კაი იქნება, ალბათ ეგ დროც მოვა ;)

kkvkkv Russia
10/17/2012 11:55:55 AM #

ну а проверка орфографии Русской есть в OWA ?

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